Natalia Carrasco

Natalia CarrascoHi, my name is Natalia Carrasco and this website is my first step to making my dreams come true. I was born in Chile and I lived there until this year when I left my career, and everything to come to Australia.

I’m an easygoing person who loves and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I studied Engineering and I used to have a safe job until I discovered my passion for healing and I decided to change the course of my life.

A prevailing desire to spiritual journey came to me as soon as I started to work because I realized that it was not my vocation. I was going through a difficult time and needed something to lifted me up and I found Reiki, where with the first session I was amazed and felt the call to become a Reiki practitioner.

During my journey, I read a lot of books and in each library that I visited I picked up a book that was alluding to Akashic Records. Which further peaked my interest I just got curious to connect to my records, so I signed up for an Akashic Record Reading that change the way I saw my life. I remember that I asked, which place should I travel?,  they answered: -“first go to your heart because every place that you visit the darkness will go with you”.-

Natalia Carrasco picture on the beachI decided to listen to them and go deeply to my feeling before to move abroad. One way was learning how to read my Akashic Record and profound practice with me. The Akashic records helped me to understand any situation and that my mission was related to healing.

Another way to heal was studied Bach Flowers that helped me to worked with my emotions treating myself during this period identified and harmonized my feelings.

After practicing with many people Akashic Readings I realized that this woke up the intuition in me and that is how I decided to learn Therapeutic Clairvoyance Method ANMA, it was focused on using this tool to deeply know yourself. This was a really hard work I really suffered looking into my unconscious, this course took out all the garbage was there stopping my evolution.

Finally, I became ThethaHealing advanced DNA practitioner, ThethaHealing is a wonderful technique to manifest, changing beliefs and reprogram our subconscious helped with my natural intuition.

My journey just begins I still have a long way to go and learn but I´m blissful to share what I’ve learned along the way and continue developing my passion Healing Therapies.

Many blessings,

Natalia Carrasco