Alternative Therapies

Getting in touch with your feeling, emotions and soul you will recover the inner peace. We help you to see yourself through the eyes and heart of your Soul so you come to understand yourself as your Soul does.

Reiki Healing

Reconnect with Universal Life Energy to healing and harmonize: body, mind, emotions and soul. Find the inner peace spirituality in you.

Akashic Records

Connect with yourself and communicate your own soul's wisdom. Obtain the guidance you need in your life to work through present problems, peace and understanding to current day illnesses, grief and suffering.

Akasha Healing

Akasha is the energy of Love that permeates and creates everything in the Universe. In this energy is where is the Akashic Records are imprinted and is the same energy that is used for healing through Reiki. Being in this space make us more conscious of the spiritual reality, that all are connected that all are one with the universal life energy.

Soul Connection

Discover your life purpose, past lives, soul lessons and karmic connections with other souls


Spiritual guidance and advices either through channeling your Spirit Guide or accessing your Akashic Records


Combine both spiritual elements of energy healing and intuition for maximum energetic healing

About Me

I am an Engineer from Chile that along the way found her vocation in Reiki and since then I was continuing studying my passion along with other Alternative Therapies like Bach Flowers, ThethaHealing, Therapeutic Clairvoyance, and Akashic Records. I integrate all my knowledge to obtain a profound understanding of the people and seeing them from a different perspective.